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QualiBid is an innovative, secure and cost efficient Pay-Per-Click bidding system, designed to drive quality traffic to your web site. Our unique bidding management, analytics and click-fraud detection features will significantly increase your online sales while maximizing the ROI of your online marketing budget. Ready to advertise?


Advertise now Unbeatable Advantages offers a number of advantages over conventional ad networks. From targeting pre-qualified visitors to offering advanced analytics on your campaign performance, offers you:  

A wide network of traffic sources providing millions of searches each day
In-house developed click-fraud detection system
Mobile and / or non-mobile traffic
Advanced conversion tracking
Comprehensive bidding management tools
Advanced analytics and tracking tools
Dedicated customer support
Bids lower than Google, Bing and many second-tier PPC with higher traffic quality
Minimum bid as low as US $0.01
Fractional bids up to tenths of a cent
Campaigns from as little as US $10

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Date: 2013-07-09

Do you know that Qualibid has advanced conversion tracking functionality? We strongly encourage you to start using one of our tracking methods.

Date: 2013-04-11

We are glad to inform you that we've recently launched a new function that allows advertisers to choose a particular traffic type.

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