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Industry Leading Click Fraud Protection  

  Filters system  
    We employ comprehensive set of filters that automatically block all invalid traffic. We constantly update this set with up-to-date filters. It allows us to stay abreast with the latest anti-fraud development.  
  Tests system  
    Our advanced tests system allows us to completely block bots and other suspicious traffic. It also determines traffic sources by content type.  
  Unique Technology  
    The principle of offering our advertisers different traffic quality levels is based upon our exclusive click detection technology. It allows us monitoring surfers' behavior patterns in real time and dividing all the traffic we get to five categories. This variety lets our advertisers saving their budget and choosing exactly what they need.  
  Manual monitoring  
    Our highly professional investigation team constantly monitors all sources of traffic. Our staff investigates every problematic case and promptly resolves questionable issues.  

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Date: 2013-07-09

Do you know that Qualibid has advanced conversion tracking functionality? We strongly encourage you to start using one of our tracking methods.

Date: 2013-04-11

We are glad to inform you that we've recently launched a new function that allows advertisers to choose a particular traffic type.

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