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Joint Effort for Mutual Profit

We aim to explore new business horizons and establish long-term profitable partnerships with wide range of online marketing professionals. We are particularly interested in collaborating with the following organizations and/ or individuals:

Pay-per-Click search engines
If you are a Pay-per-Click search engine owner, you will be interested in acquiring our XML search feed, which will provide your visitors with the more diverse and quality set of search results. Our technical expertise coupled with our wide network of advertisers will considerably increase your revenue.

SEO Consultants
If you have an established network of clients or you are in the process of building one, you might be interested in integrating Qualibid Pay-per-Click advertising into your service packages. Our innovative traffic management tools coupled with the number of other advanced features make Qualibid advertising a valuable add-on to any SEO program. As an SEO consultant you will immediately benefit from extending the range of your customers while making your professional services more competitive.

Qualibid is more than just Pay-per Click marketing. You will provide your customers with a comprehensive tool, which will considerably diversify the scope of their traffic types and sources while significantly minimizing their spending. No matter what client you work with, the unprecedented bidding flexibility of Qualibid will let you performing the most personable and cost efficient service.

If you aim to monetize your online resources in the most efficient and trusted way, join our premium affiliate network. Qualibid Pay-per-Click program features proven reliability, profitable bids, and generous revenue share. No investment, no obligation, and no risk. If you are already earning substantial income or you just planning to start, we are capable of turning your effort into a powerful money generating machine. A conversion rate is a key factor in providing our advertisers with high quality targeted traffic, which is why your web site will be carefully analyzed prior to approval.


Traffic resellers
Monetizing traffic is both art and science. Apart from the technological innovations and reliability we are known for our highly personable approach to our partners. Our wise traffic management based upon solid technical background and wide network of partners will help you getting the most out of your traffic. We want you to grow with us because our dedication to mutual success and sensitivity to your specific needs will take your online income to the whole new level. Join us today.

Advertising agencies
Online publicity plays important role within the scope of mediums you employ to promote your clients. While being one of the basic online publicity tools, Pay-per-Click advertisement is very efficient way to achieve highly targeted brand exposure. Qualibid offers you more than PPC marketing. We offer extremely flexible and cost efficient tools, which can be customized for both start-ups who seek to establish their online presence at a reasonable price and advanced professionals who require extended diversity and high precision.

Web site owners
No matter what kind of business you run, you need quality and cost efficient advertising. You are familiar with the major players in the industry but you may not know the way to achieve more while spending less. Welcome to Qualibid! 10 years of PPC market experience coupled with our wide business contacts and rigorous scientific research provide you with the most innovative, secure and cost efficient advertising system. Our mission is simple; Qualibid will considerably increase your online sales while optimizing your marketing budget. We are responsible for every penny you invest, which is why we provide you with the best conversion rates, the best ROI and the best customer support. Ready to advertise?


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